úterý 25. října 2016

London 2016 (potterhead part)

Hi, my dear readers ♥

So, this is it !
The "potterhead" part of our London adventure !

("Potterhead". a term used to describe Harry Potter Fans, by Harry Potter Fans.)

I think for a lot of people is London (or the whole England) connected with something they love - for example music - The Beatles (Abbey Road, Liverpool), series (Doctor Who, Sherlock), or maybe "just" shopping. And that's something they're focusing on the most during their stay.

For me it's London = Harry Potter, no doubt about it

So you can understand, that I wanted to see everything possible related with Harry Potter in London... and I can tell you this - I've seen A LOT ♥

✔ pass by the Palace Theatre (where the new play is)
✔ House of MinaLima (pop-up exhibition of HP-related stuff)
✔ visit the Harry Potter tour in Warner bros. studios
✔ buy A LOT of stuff at the merchandise shop
✔ visit Platform 9 3/4
✔ go on the "tour for muggles" around London to see filming locations

My absolute highlight and the most emotionaly moving experience (ha ha) was the Harry Potter tour in Warner bros. studios ♥ We travelled there with a group by double decker bus printed with Hogwarts motive and they were playing Philosopher's stone on the way there, which already got me emotional, but not as much as the moment when the doors to Great Hall opened and I WAS THERE, IN HOGWARTS, ALL THESE COSTUMES, ALL THESE DECORATIONS, EVERYTHING WAS THERE. I didn't cried...b-but honestly I almost did... really... it's so simple to make me all emotional - just place me in Hogwarts =D

The studios are just amazing. Like totally amazing. Appart from all the stuff you can see there, there is also a lot of space, fresh air, place to have a decent lunch and Butterbeer. You can also take as many photos as you can and everything has a good lighting so you won't end up with a memory card full of blurred pictures. You can even touch some of the bigger things, like the Knight bus, or Hagrid's motorbike. One of my favourite parts was the fact that there was just a very few kids =D I always feel all anxious around little kids, but there I didn't have to... there was so many adults, who were genuinely enjoying the tour and taking photos and having fun... it was just so nice ♥

I took there like 10000000 photos and tried to pick just the best ones for you, but it's still an incredible number, so I hope you don't mind ♪
I also didn't tell you some surprises you can experience here, because I'm evil mu ha ha =D 
(No really, I can't show you everything, right? Go and see it for yourself ! I even stepped on the plane because of this ! Nothing is impossible if you really want it ♪)

we were lucky to see costumes from the new movie *o*

Cedric, my darling ♥

proud Hufflepuff ♥

Neville's cardigan in which he killed Nagini !
*knitters fan moment*

Draco's robes ♪

he he Ronald's Yule Ball gown

look at the peculiar mask in the left upper corner - that's stencil for Harry's scar !
...also Sirius's tattoos *o*

Luna Lovegood's essentials ♥

Probably my favourite costume from the whole tour 
I love the scene with Neville and his Snape-in-grandma's-clothes boggart, but I never caught all these details with my eyes =D What a style !

... I also love Snape, but that's no big surprise, I think ...

...and also this guy at potion's class

Her style is my inspiration for this autumn... and all autumns to come 

just look at this perfection !
it was really moving and knitting and aaaa ♥

Weasley's house is my dream home and dream family 

Hogwarts Knitting Club approves !

Borgin and Burkes interior detail

This scene is giving me chills everytime I watch it and it was really uncomfortable (?) to see it with my own eyes >_<

Malfoy family ...and Nagini, of course
(Honza felt really inspired by Draco's style =D)

aww :3

"The more power she has, the darker shades of pink she was wearing" ...never noticed it, but eek scary, this woman is nightmare =D

couldn't leave without this photo

Butterbeer....... was uuughttlkdshfdkj ...not exactly my cup of tea =D

creepy Bathilda

Dobby ♥

(*whispers* it was breathing)

I have a thing for Lockhart - I always have to laugh when I see him in the movie =D

huge model of Hogwarts ♥


I know you are wondering what are these weird beads - so these are beads with spells engraved on them and I will put them in my dreadlocks :3

You see, I'm proud Hufflepuff but I also really like Death Eaters =D

Here is the Palace Theatre and a flyer leading to House of MinaLima (which I didn't find exceptionaly good ... it was really tiny and hmm)

Platform 9 3/4
I bought A LOT of stuff at the studios already, but here they have a few things different, so I bought some more ehm um...

There was just four of us for the day, but we had fun nevertheless =D
The tour was guided by a distant cousin of Sirius Black and she was so nice and even showed us some cool magic ! We saw all kinds of movie locations in London and had some good potterhead talk :3 

 Leaky Cauldron filming location

 Ministry of Magic filming location... remember how Harry, Ron and Hermione used the polyjuice potion and transformed in the three employees of ministry and then they hide their bodies in garage? That's the place =)

J.K. Rowling used these two streets as main inspiration for Knockturn and Diagon Alley ♥

oh and look there's Daniel Radcliffe's signature and also if you look closely you can spot the signed copy of Harry Potter book which is so expensive they don't even have price tag on it ♪

So this was how my potterhead dreams came true ♥
Now I really want to re-read all the books or go bundle up in blankets and watch The Goblet of Fire =D

Oh, and what's your Patronus btw. ?
Mine is Aardvark ! the cutest animal ever

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥