čtvrtek 23. března 2017

Harry Potter Party

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In February Vanilla organized a little Harry Potter-themed afternoon at her place and it was amazing ♥
I felt like child again, being invited to some amazing themed birthday party :D ! whee 

Vanilla put so much efford to this HP party - she decorated the whole flat with posters and candles and there was even Moaning Myrtle peeking from behind a cupboard at bathroom :D ! We had a delicious snacks, pumpkin juice and chocolatte frogs in handmade boxes which looked exactly like original *o*

We talked a lot, played a HP-themed quiz game (it has a name, but I don't remember it) and of course watched the first two movies ♪

We also dressed-up a bit - me and Rommily took out our Hogwarts House Skirts from Violet Fane for the first time !

oh, and look at my new shoes which I found in thrift store !
I usually don't buy shoes in second-hand shops, because I find it a bit gross, but these were completely new and clean...so I couldn't resist :) 

skirt - Violet Fane
S.P.E.W and Knitter buttons - AuberginenART Etsy
jacket - gift from dear Striga :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone :D ♥ 

čtvrtek 16. března 2017

Hufflepuff Scarf, Project Peace & Mori Mittens

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In the past half a year I made a few smaller knitting projects, which I never posted here - mostly because I forgot to take photos of it, or I did and forget about them or because writting a post about only one of these projects would be too little.

So today I will show you all three of them !

Let's start with the one I made at the end of August (ehm)
Luxurious, smaller, lace version of Hufflepuff scarf which I made to take with me to London and warm my neck on plane :)
I also had big plans how we will take some amazing HP-themed photos of it in London, but then I was too busy being happy that I completely forgot about it :D But I was wearing the shawl most of the time there, ocasionally switching with the original one ♪

Why is it luxurious? Because I bought some pretty cools yarns for it !
Mustard and grey are amazingly soft Canopy from The Fibre Company and black parts were done with the softest Angora Haze from Rowan *o*
I think that I don't even have to tell you how comfy and warm the shawl is !
Can't wait to wear it again in spring ♪

I used pattern Lady Fern from Suzanne Middlebrooks as reference for the lace parts ♥

The second small project is from december.
Lovely "Project Peace" peace-along was a knit along organized by  Christina Campbell alias www.thehealthyknitter.com
Everyone was knitting the same, easy cowl pattern, but only a two rows a day :) and with each day Christina Campbell released on her blog a tip how to be peaceful ♪ I think it's a really beautiful idea, so I joined even though I didn't have any fancy yarn at the moment. At least I finally used this old "fox" one which I bought ages ago in Prague and it's of course a nasty acrylic, but still cute  :)

I ended up wearing this unexpected infinity shawl quite a lot in winter and now I wear it at home, because I need to keep my neck warm, otherwise I'll get a back pain or headaches from sitting at sewing maching or drawing table for too long ...

pattern Project Peace on Ravelry - definitelly something for beginners ! It's easy, quick and you don't need a lot of yarn for it ♪

And the third small project is just a few weeks old.
Mori fingerless mittens from a super-warm virgin wool which Rommily bought me in Austria ♥
After the long winter all my mittens and fingerless gloves started to look terrible, so I decided to make a new pair.
Well... I wore them once... since then it was too warm for them :D ha ha

I used pattern "Ah Caramel" from Tanis Lavallee and altered it a bit for the thicker yarn.

Building Blocks shawl ○ DIY skirt ○ faux fur vest from C&A ○ beret from TaoBao

I hope the really warm spring will start soon, I can't wait to see the first leaves and leave my jacket at home *o*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 9. března 2017

Egyptian Museum

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Our second Sunday museum adventure of this year was Egyptian Museum !

The building is rather new, nice modern concrete architecture with long wide staircase and minimalistic details - so it almost looks like an entrance in tomb !Collection is not exceptionally big, but it's really interresting, with nice lighting, good air, wide corridors and with jokes here and there - like this sign on entrance door ... :D

The museum also has its instagram which is quite funny :)
I really like this modern approach of museums, because it's good to show people that museums are not only serious "shh stay quiet" and "please step a bit further from the showcase" places.

I took my sketchbook with me again, because Egyptian art was something I always admired and couldn't wait to get inspired ♥

Here are some photos of things which caught my eye the most
(feel free to use them as reference if you like ♪ I drew most of these at the museum already, but plan to come back to them again)

 This portrait is just stunning ♥
I was starring at it way too long ...

these guys are not from Egypt, Mezopotamia/Babylon ...maybe, I can't remember anymore, but it was first time I saw Cuneiform script with my own eyes and not just in book ! Beautiful ♥

Of course I dressed up a bit again ♪
This time I decided to give try to something cute - we can maybe call it otome-kei? I call it "this style with dress, belt and cardigan" :D To tell the truth outfits like this are something I would like to wear everyday, because it looks so great !
Unfortunatelly short skirts and fragile tights don't work well with bike :D

shawl - knitted by me - pattern "Restless Nostalgia"
dress - C&A ages ago
necklace - gift from Tercenya :)
bag - my RedBubble (no longer available)
shoes - Mustang

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 2. března 2017

Oakenshield Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to talk about one very special knitting project !

You all know Han from my posts, right?
It might be partly my "fault" that she started with crochet and later fell into knitting hell with me :D MU HA HA
But while I'm still stuck at knitting patterns I bought at Ravelry and buying yarn on internet, Han is already spinning her own skeins and designing her own patterns *o* !
I can't admire both of these skill more, since I never really tried spinning, I'm terribly messy when it comes to dyeing and my math skills are on level of 6-year-old child :D

At the end of autumn Han released her very first shawl pattern, called "Oakenshield" 
It´s a beautiful, huge, crescent-like shawl, with cable decorations in shape of oak leaves ♥

Of course I started ordering yarn as soon as the pattern appeared on Ravelry !
I decided to give try to Danish brand Holst Garn, which has amazing range of colours and the Supersoft type I chose is really a tiny, thin thread :D I wanted to use thinner yarn, so the shawl would be smaller (the original is made of sport weight and I used fingering) ... 
The hardest part was to choose colour !
Not only Han already did the original shawl from my favourite mustard, but Host Garn has SO MANY COLOURS, that in the end I just asked Honza and he chose "Bokhara" for me - to match with my hair. (but he always chooses red for me - doesn't matter what it is)

At first I planned to be the first one to finish this shawl, but then Christmas happened and I was knitting gifts, travelling and being lazy through holidays :D ha ha
So in the end I finished it on 27th January ehm uhm... 
But knitting is no race, so whatever !

When I was almost done with the shawl I decided to add something more and decorated the picot bind-off with wooden beads ♪

I'm super-happy about the result and wear the shawl whenever I can ♥

 (my new model - she has had a sheep with her, how cute !)

The difficulty of this pattern is something between beginner and intermediate, so if you already have some experience with shawl knitting and you're not afraid of cable needles - go for it !
The pattern is available in both English and Czech and you don't need any exact yarn weight - just around 1100m of fingering, sport or something in between ;)

And what's on my needles now ?
Right after I said that I will never again do more than three projects at once....... I'm working on two sweaters, one pair of socks ...

...and I'm about to start shawl for the spring KAL of Czech knitting shop and web Vlněné sestry  
I didn't plan to participate, but then I fell in love with the pattern and on top of that I bought absolutely amazing yarns at Creative Fair in Munich last weekend, so now I CAN'T WAIT TO CAST ON *_* 

Looking at the cutest Stephen at the Enchanted Mesa photo, I just couldn't leave you without sharing his latest knitting music video :D
Enjoy ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥